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Actor, Comedian, Host, and new Father, Jamie Kaler talks the art of "Dadding" with some famous and not so famous dads. Come see more at
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Jun 28, 2017

This is part 2 of Stephen Tobolowsky. Go back and listen to part 1 first. He's amazing and his stories are really great. 

Jun 21, 2017

He is simply one of the greatest character actors we've ever known. He can play the Grand Master of the KKK in Mississippi Burning and then play "Needle Nosed Ned Ryerson" in Groundhog Day. His 254 credits on IMDb are the most I've ever seen and represent the filmography of most of our lives. Memento, Thelma and Louise, Sneakers, to now recurring on Californication, Silicon Valley, The Goldbergs, and One Day at a Time. And you'll hear why. He is a master story-teller. From growing up in a dry small town in Texas where dancing is outlawed (yes, just like Footloose), to his early theatre days, to raising his own children in Los Angeles, Stephen is open and has a fascinating outlook on life. He has also worked with every actor today. The game should really be "6 Degrees of Stephen Tobolowsky" You may also know him from his own phenomenal podcast "The Tobolowsky Files" or his new book "My Adventures with God". You can find what Stephen is up to at The conversation went for two hours and had to be broken up. Here is part I. Enjoy!

Jun 13, 2017

A Baptist Preacher's Son becomes a comedian, marries an Academy Award Nominated Costume Designer and has a kid. And here come the stories.

Murray Valeriano is a brilliant comedian, writer, and human sponge. This Tennessee native and preacher’s son found his comedy calling in sunny California and soon began a successful writing career. Lately, you probably saw him on @midnight. 

Murray has toured the country performing in clubs and theaters, either headlining or opening for some of comedy’s heavy hitters, Kevin Pollack, Christopher Titus, Brad Garret and the late, Robert Schimmel As an award winning writer, Murray has written for the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Bill Engvall’s Here’s Your Sign Awards and Ridiculousness to name a few. He has also written for other comedians such as Conan O’Brian, Steve Carell and Dennis Miller. Murray Valeriano is a captivating person who possesses a remarkable wealth of pop culture knowledge and experience and it shines through on his popular “Roadstories” podcast. Once you stick a bunch of hilarious comics in room to talk comedy war stories it is simply magical. USA TODAY called the Road Stories podcast “One of the funniest podcasts of 2013” Countless reviews on Itunes have given 5 stars and Itunes itself featured it in its “New and Notable” Subscribe today for free.

Jun 7, 2017

Andy is a former Professional Motocross / Supercross Racer and FMX RIder who is most well known for being part of the Nitro Circus Crew. Andy is the master of performing unthinkable stunts and making them look easy. From collecting multiple Guinness Book World Records to winning national level car races, to backflipping Big Wheels and getting blown up in a car with a certified madman, Andy Bell never shies away from a challenging task. Andy loves instigating his close friend and arch nemesis Travis Pastrana, as well as the rest of the Nitro Circus Crew. He is constantly egging them all into performing impossible tasks. In addition to his big mouth, Andy's got even bigger skills to back up any challenge and more often than not ends up taking Travis down which never goes over well!
A natural athlete with an extensive motorcycle background, Andy is no stranger to riding on two wheels. The first ever “factory” sponsored FMX athlete in the world, (KTM) Andy rode FMX professionally from 1998 - 2006, ranking top 10 in the world for 3 years and winning the Canadian FMX Championship in 2001. Before that, he raced motocross professionally from 1991 - 1997 and was ranked top 10 in Canada for 4 years. He has appeared in over 30 motocross movies and is the holder of 9 Guinness Book World Records. Andy has extensive experience and has performed choreographed stunts in motorcycle jumping, car jumping, car racing, downhill skiing, scuba diving, high falls / blobbing, Sea Dooing, bull riding, Harley jumping and many more areas. On top of his mastery of the stunt world, Bell also is a very experienced television host and personality, hosting everything from Live MTV series (MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge) and Red Bull X Fighters World Tour to emceeing live action events around the world. A talented rider, an unbelievable stuntman, master of stupid tricks, an accomplished TV Host and a successful brand marketer, Andy has all the tools necessary for a successful partnership with any company. Andy is now the proud Dad to 2 beautiful children and now runs his own production company. Follow his insanity on Twitter and Instagram @andybell